Richard Rendl

20 of my pictures are available as first-class art reproductions (digital prints) in two versions.

1.) Limited edition of prints: maximum of 50, on painter’s linen or heavy coated paper; you choose size.

2.) Unlimited edition of prints: on heavy coated paper, fixed size, autographed and dated.

The pictures have been photographed or scanned professionally at very high resolutions, some of the data files exceed 50 Megabytes, thus facilitating supreme accuracy of detail - even when reproduced in large sizes.

1.) Limited edition: maximum 50 prints. First-class digital prints (selenographs, pigment printing) on heavy coated paper or grounded painter’s linen, with light-proof colors and UV-protective varnish, autographed and numbered, available in various sizes and versions (you choose!).
Price sample: Deep Sleep (Circles of Light), 135 by 140 cm on canvas $ 1620.-

Cross Mandala
Inner Fire

At the Beginning II
Soter Redeemer
The Symbols
Cherubim with Baby Faces

Names of God:
Adonai Zewaoth
Ecumenical Name of God

Circles of Light:
Deep Sleep
Makom 1
Makom 2
Blue Cell
Circling of Light
Primordial Matrix

The Victor

2.) Unlimited edition: prints on heavy coated paper, light-proof colors with UV-protective varnish, fixed size, autographed and dated.
Price sample: Deep Sleep (Circles of Light), about 80 by 75 cm, $ 445.-

Cross Mandala: ca. 85cm x 75cm, $ 390.-
Inner Fire: ca. 90cm x 70 cm, $ 390-
Freedom: ca. 90 x 70cm, $ 390.-

At the Beginning II: ca. 90cm x 70cm, $ 390.-
Soter Redeemer: ca. 90cm x 70cm, $ 390.-
The Symbols: ca. 95cm x 52cm, $ 300.-
Cherubim with Baby Faces

Names of God:
Adonai Zewaoth: ca. 110cm x 90cm $ 600.-
Ecumenical Name of God: ca. 100cm x 90cm $ 550.-
The Name Ha Shem, Tantric circles:35cm x 30cm $ 86.-
Anagram: ca. 85cm x 65cm $ 335.-
Lumen ascendens: ca. 85cm x 40cm $ 210.-

Circles of Light:
Deep Sleep: ca. 80cm x 75cm $ 445.-
Makom 1: ca. 77cm x 77cm $ 360.-
Makom 2: ca. 80cm x 75cm $ 365.--
Blue Cell: ca. 85cm x 75cm $ 390.--
Circling of Light: ca. 70cm x 43cm $ 185.-
Pulse Synchronal Matrix: 68cm x 46cm $ 195.-
On the edge of Eden: 65cm x 45cm $ 185.-
Wheel of light: ca. 85cm x 70cm $ 360
„Ur – Matrix“: ca.60cm x 60cm $ 220.-
Primordial Matrix: ca. 100cm x 70cm $ 430.-

The Victor: ca. 75cm x 65cm $ 290.-


Should you wish to place an order, turn to the following address for further information:

Richard Rendl
Jheringgasse 13/13
1150 Wien