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Circles of Light

"Ur- Matrix"
218 x 210cm, 1997 - 1999

This picture shows the progression of creativity from "zero" or "one", respectively, toward duality, here represented by the Chinese circular symbol of yang and yin. Three-ness is reflected in the 3 primary colors of the 4 emanating rays (corresponding to the 4 rivers flowing from paradise).

The subsequent outer circular segment splits into 13 red and 13 green segments, corresponding to the numerical value 26 (10-5-6-5) of God´s name JHWH.

Each of the the red and green segments is occupied by 4 squares, except in one of the lower green segments with only three squares. This results in a sum total of 103 squares, a prime number, an echo of the central "one".

In the outer area the basic geometric forms are squares, also tilted, circular evolvents, and logarithmic spirals.