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Circles of Light

Names of God

The scientific findings of modern physics have only minimally entered into our everyday understanding of reality and nature. According to modern physics, reality is no longer viewed as reified abstraction, but rather as holding potentiality.

Nature is primarily a structure of (inter-)relationships or a tissue of (inter-) connections - with shape, symmetrical design, and oscillating figures as more elemental than mere solid matter. (Hans-Peter Dürr)

With this in mind, now turn to my pictures.

On the technique of painting:

All pictures are painted with tempera, oil colours on canvas. Exceptions are specially mentioned.

Description of the Symbols:

Interactive Zoom

For pictures with this symbol an interactive zoom is available. This makes it possible to view the partly very large and complex pictures in all details - interactively.

Als Druck erhältlich
Pictures with this symbol are available in print (details under Shop).
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