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Names of God

Adonai Zewaoth
210 x 240cm, 1987 - 1988

Lord of the heavenly hosts.

Painting below: Om-primeval sound-white as well as gyrated in all the colours, ALLAH mirrored in the centre, You and Ata , At (= Hebrew You in male and female form) entwined in the small black squares.

The mirrored Hebrew/German personal pronouns pointing into the space, at the same time enveloping the name of God, furthermore the "I" above and in the centre the name of God, the victorious at the end of time, "Adonai Zewaoth", below in the colours of the rainbow the multitude of "WE" back to front and mirrored.

Zewaoth: hosts, legions; meaning: everything in this world has its counterpart in the other world; the multitude in this world corresponds to Zewaoth in the other world; while here the path of becoming one, in the succession of time is creating the battle of opposites, change, suffering and misunderstanding, Zewaoth are creating the perfect harmony; so God Zewaoth or the Lord Zewaoth means: with God is the multitude, perfect peace, perfect harmony.

LA ILLAHA ILLALLAH, Islamic creed of the oneness of God.