Richard Rendl


The abstract art, 1966 to 1968 in my first years of study, seemed to me devoid of any particular content and vapid. I pursued to understand content not merely as a symbolic, analogous metaconcept but rather to deduce the contents of formal elements from itself and generate a syntax for this context.

My intervention was a precursor of the coming unravelling of the digital age, to develop based on the singularity of the "Monad" a complex system, a visual language and an intertwined web of mutuality, which later was extended in line structures, numeral symbolisms, geometries, symmetrical patterns, oscillating figures and winning plausibility in the process.

I hereby explicitly take reference to the description of nature in contemporary physics as a relational structure and not a singular object.

" Rendl´s work shows the structural reality of the world, in whose movement form emerges but ephemerally, not unlike the foam of breaking billows. And yet, this foaming form is a necessary aspect of all transience."
Burghart Schmidt

" Contemplating the pictured walls so thoroughly mirroring Rendl´s cosmos, the viewer may well learn what a patient eye and a caressing hand may create, namely re-spell (reenact) the unity of numbers, symbols, letters, lines, and mandorlas – all these belong to the greatest wisdom that our present, so estranged from images, can draw from the bright darkness of a distant past."
Prof. Dr. Otto Antonia Graf

" ...these displays are as pure as waterfalls of love".


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