Richard Rendl


The abstract art, 1966 to 1968 in my first years of study, seemed to me devoid of any particular content and vapid. I pursued to understand content not merely as a symbolic, analogous metaconcept but rather to deduce the contents of formal elements from itself and generate a syntax for this context.

My intervention at the time was an anticipation of digitalization, namely to develop complex systems, a visual language, a web of connectedness from the singularity of the "Monad", which was later expanded with line structures, number symbolism, geometries, symmetry patterns, oscillating figures and color symbolism, and thus gained in plausibility.

I hereby explicitly take reference to the description of nature in contemporary physics as a relational structure and not a singular object.

" Rendl´s work shows the structural reality of the world, in whose movement form emerges but ephemerally, not unlike the foam of breaking billows. And yet, this foaming form is a necessary aspect of all transience."
Burghart Schmidt

" ...these displays are as pure as waterfalls of love".


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