Richard Rendl

"Rendl´s work shows the structural reality of the world, in whose movement form emerges but ephemerally, not unlike the foam of breaking billows. And yet, this foaming form is a necessary aspect of all transience."

Burghart Schmidt

"Contemplating the pictured walls so thoroughly mirroring Rendl´s cosmos, the viewer may well learn what a patient eye and a caressing hand may create, namely re-spell (reenact) the unity of numbers, symbols, letters, lines, and mandorlas – all these belong to the greatest wisdom that our present, so estranged from images, can draw from the bright darkness of a distant past."

Prof. Dr. Otto Antonia Graf

"...these displays are as pure as waterfalls of love".




The complete texts of Burghart Schmidt and Otto Antonia Graf are only available in German!

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