Richard Rendl

The Series Matrix began in 1977, with "Dark Resurrection", in fresco/secco technique.

The matrix structure was systemically honed in the series "Expansion-Contraction" in 1978 and "Evolution" in 1978/79. Adequately matching the monad I developed a "configuration of color lines" here, which was raised to ever higher complexity and symbolic density in the years to come.

Annunciation (fresco/secco)

Dark Resurrection

Head of Lines

Module-Expansion-Contraction 1

Module-Expansion-Contraction 2

Evolution (3 parts, Picture 2)

Evolution (3 parts, Picture 3)

Module 5 / 78

Evolution (3 parts, Picture 1)

Imago II

Small Mandala (Graf)

Matrix Anthropos 1 (Shade)


Pattern of Life

Cosmic Egg

Svastika Egg


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Bild mit interaktivem Zoom

Matrix of Monads


Matrix (1976-1989)