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Dark Resurrection
217 x 170cm, 1977

Fresco-secco technique.

The symbolic correspondence of the three central figures is trinitarian; the central figure, reversed/doubled, refers to the duality-return of the Messiah; 6 parabolas, turned inward,encircle the center, while the 7 th and 8 th parabolas intersect centrally.This points to the 7 days of creation and to the Messiah connecting the 7 th day, on which we live, with the world to come on the 8 th day.

The primary colors always appear 3 and 4 times (also a pointer to the number 7 in the Secret Revelation), the central figure is the integration of a materially manifested world (color) and trans-mundane ideality (form-"threeness"); accordingly, this figure appears in the mixed colors - orange, violet, and green - the surrounding rhombus.